Hardwood Flooring for a Spacious Feel

Wide Planks give a Beautiful Spacious Feel to Flooring

The call for flooring that gives the look of a larger room is on the rise. Longer and broader planks that give the appearance that designers and customers want seems to have been found in Johnson Flooring.

Johnson Hardwood listened and heeded to the call for longer and wider planks and 7-foot boards are new to their 2013 flooring line. Interior design calls for bold statements without a distracting look, and a continuous hardwood look for wider, more open appearing spaces. Johnson has added a new series called English Pub that contains 7 X 7.5 – feet handcrafted planks, created in the Johnson Hardwood custom. The idea comes from naturally worn, reclaimed wood refinished for contemporary use. The series is presented in an assortment of opulent colors and comes in both hickory and maple.

“We made the decision to provide our dealers and distributors with an engineered flooring product that has the look of a custom floor with the advantage of keeping inventory in-stock to meet current consumer demands,” says Louie Wang, Chief Operations Officer for Johnson Hardwood. “Our success is based on the success of our customers. Keeping that in mind, we try our best to provide our dealers and distributors with on-trend products at price points that makes sense for their business. Being the manufacturer of our products gives us a unique advantage. We are not opposed to private label and proprietary product lines. Our product development team keeps the U.S. regional environmental and interior design aspects in mind when creating new products. What works in the upper east coast may not work in the mid-west, so we make the effort to work with our customers to design product lines that will work for them. English Pub has a distinct look, but with a variety of stains to create a cohesive custom product line if that is what our dealers are looking for.”

English Pub was crafted for the customer that wants the look of salvaged wood from a handsome old building in their homes at a small portion of the price. Everlasting artistry is the purpose and benchmark to creating the English Pub flooring collection.


Johnson Hardwood is not only concentrating on the dated look, but with modern creation and hardwood styles for this season. Their new Pacific Coast Series will present in August. Shades will run the gamut from black to white in maple, birch, and hickory woods. With interior design styles moving towards prominent originality, fans of hardwood flooring will love this new product from Johnson Hardwood. Also, Red Oak has seen limited harvesting in the past few years and with creative thinking and investment in the wood, Johnson Hardwood brought the beautiful color of the Red Oak to flooring and expects a release date of August 2013. As usual, Johnson Hardwood is all about giving their customers what is new.

“Hardwood flooring and working with a natural resource in general is a fascinating way to make product”, says Bill Schollmeyer, CEO of Johnson Hardwood. “There is only so much control that you are allowed when it comes to developing your product. The environment takes care of a lot of your decision making. This challenge allows our product development team to exercise their creativity having to think not only globally, but also in the way of grain structure and natural hues among the different wood species. It’s a great way to bring a flooring product to the market that wasn’t there before, and gives our customers that wild card they need to differentiate themselves amongst their competitors.”


Plunge Pool Design Construction Tips

Plunge Pool Design Construction Tips

You have decided on the pool. You also have chosen the location, size and design of the pool. Contracts have been signed with pool builders. They discuss and declare full details of all your worries. All you have to do now to start building.
pool construction can be divided into three stages: before, during and after. Here are some important things to keep in mind during each phase of pool accessories to keep it running smoothly.

Before the construction of swimming pools, decide who will be your contact. This is probably one of the sales staff, designers or the pool construction coordinator. Your best bet is to stick with the third, because they are all related contacts with successful construction division of roles.
A good dealer should offer, there will be problems occur during construction, while construction coordinator requires planning all the activities available. They are constantly in touch with the workers, local supervisors and checkpoints.

During the construction while the pool accessories you want on top of what’s happening every day. Keep a copy of the contract in hand, so you know exactly what to expect timeline. You want to keep the length of the pool accessories should be, from the moment you write, begins contract for the construction of the pool at the time of burial is completed and until this day, the water put into the pool in mind. So that you can ensure that the design is able to stay on schedule. If construction must occur in the back you will be able to refer to the contract. Remember that most of the windows have a shorter construction swimming pool contractor between July and January From February to July, you will get a longer design window for longer during the day and decent work conditions.
You can with other customers that their pool was built by the same company should talk has confirmed the legitimacy of the process. Ask them how long swimming pool supplies, swimming pool contractors remain when the task. Ask them if you need to be aware of any trends or problem situation.

beauty plunge pool design

After construction is complete pool, you should ask your pool contractor will follow up suggestions for feedback. Take this opportunity to point out that every time you. Felt they could do a better job if their customer suggestions to heart, they can be solved before they work in the pool others problems.

House Windows Design Choosing Tips

House Windows Design Choosing Tips

When designing or choosing the windows of your home, there are factors to look at. There are several versions of Windows on the market today and choosing the best design that your home and give a better appearance, is very important. Budget and research will help to land on the type of window that is pocket friendly and convenient for your home.

Most people do not know what kind of windows they should buy or think about the benefits of choosing the right window for the various rooms of the house. The rooms in the house have different needs and therefore the best window that they will benefit from the maximum benefit to be and. For example, the living room or family room has large windows and transparent to provide more light because in most homes, it is the largest room in the house.

Type of frame material, color, need, and cost must be taken in mind when buying or planning to replace your home. Maintenance includes cleaning windows, replacement and operation. All of this must be the type of window that you can draw.

The two main categories are fixed window and opened the window. Still can not move the window up, the window was opened during the operation down, open inward or outward. Windows are available in different styles, for example, is available, curved glass corner windows, double hung, casement, horizontal slider, shades or window blinds, tilt and turn, round-top, bow and glass-blocker, in segments or small box.

best house windows design

Another way to improve your home is often used recently given color. It is also known as solar window film. It is decorative and reduce excessive exposure to sun. They reflect the most UV light and other radiation that your home may be doing. Sun room that can damage the carpet or curtains arrived discoloration. Home window tinting keep the room cool in the summer. Types of windows provide privacy while providing you with the outside view. They also make the house attractive.

How to Choose Front Door Designs

How to Choose Front Door Designs

The front door of the house take great significance as it reflects the tastes and preferences of the apartments in the house. When building your home, it would be nice to pay attention to the appearance factor and appeal to door to pay. These days you can choose from a variety of door designs for your home. Here are some tips on how to choose the design of the door.

The basic thing to keep in mind if you are looking for a doors design must be consistent with the overall style and shape of your entire home. If the mixture does not fit, but it pulls you try and make your door, still in a way that is inappropriate. Compared to the rest of your home Take a simple example. If your entire house with a classic look and you walk into the door of a more contemporary design, but then the doors can be beautiful in itself, it would be weird to watch you in connection with the house. A similar case of non-mixing door with the whole house could use contrasting colors or materials. Therefore, your goal should be to make sure that your door adds to the overall aesthetic appearance of your home and assemble them in a positive way.

There are other factors you should consider when choosing door styles. It is weather considerations, security and privacy. Doors with glass inserts is very interesting, but they are easier for thieves to break. So if you are concerned about security, then you should opt for the front door of solid wood or fiberglass. Material selection is also governed by the county in which you live, and weather conditions. Number designing your front door to dents, scratches, sunlight or extreme cold, and require less maintenance.

Well, when you go shopping for a design that you will realize that there are various products available in the market. Different needs and tastes will find the beautiful traditional style wood carving in a variety of colors and patterns. Many manufacturers sell door design of the last century, such as Victorian, Georgian, Tudor State, French, Tuscan and Colonial reflect. This is more suitable for the kingdom or country-side home. You can even go for the rustic look and finish or antique looking door design.

beauty black front door designs

If you want to go for a contemporary feel, the design of the door, clean lines and a minimalist look with handle looks impressive to decide. If you want to have glass inserts, and then try to translucent, colored or etched glass. It is becoming popular because it allows a lot of light, privacy, and at the same time blends seamlessly into the house from the overall impression. Who in the industry said that the doors and people are wood with metal inserts are also very successful, because they have a very European. Now days you can even custom-made doors, both of which are high on aesthetics and other practical considerations. All of these tips will make the right decision when scouting for additional door design

Asian Bedroom Contemporary Interior Design for All the Time

Asian Bedroom Contemporary Interior Design for All the Time

Traditional modern bedroom furniture has a long history of premium craftsmanship and meticulous details are still being sought today. Thailand continues to produce some of the best oriental contemporary furniture that can be found in homes around the world. Moreover, the harvesting process while taking great care to protect the environment.

Because private bedroom, often decorated luxury. Oriental bedroom furniture is not only modern and chic, but comfortable and luxurious. These characteristics form the basis of the interior to create a master bedroom suite was perfect. You can create your own cozy place with box furniture bedroom sets, queen to take. There is also one of the tables kind handcrafted wood, bedside tables, cabinets and finish to complete the ensemble.

Create a designer nursery furniture is easy to do with contemporary Asia. You can create a strange theme or stick with a modern design for kids. The possibilities are almost endless. They appreciate the hidden drawer found in many Asian-style beds. Children love a special place in her room, where they can hide their beautiful treasures. Finally, you can dress up the room with a functional work desk and comfortable chair, plenty of room for them to give to their school to do. One of the main advantages should be noted that oriental bedroom furniture is very sturdy. Asian furniture is not easily chipped or scratched, make them. Perfect for the nursery It also means that the value of the furniture and for years to come.

Besides the perfect chair for the room. They serve as both a bed and a sofa bench. It is really good if you want to use the space as an office or recreation room. This kind of interior design optimally utilize the available space in your home, while additional seating. At the same time, you have a bed for your guests. Your guests will enjoy a peaceful sleep environment, where they wake up refreshed.

Asian Bedroom Contemporary Interior Design 4

Bedroom furniture is the most oriental. With such a strong forest mahogany and teak forests powerful perfect for making furniture that will last a lifetime. This is very different from the cardboard and plywood, used for furniture cheaper. For this reason, contemporary oriental furniture. Being a very popular choice for modern home interior


Modern Italian Globe Pendant Lighting from Penta: GLO

Penta GLO collection is an elegant Italian lighting company, though special collections of pendant light fixtures for your home and sense of elegant style. This modern italian globe pendant lighting by Carlo Colombo coated borosilicate glass with a metal ball and suspended by a line, almost anything for a floating effect. Glass is available in clear, or opt for the treatment of gold, silver and colors of glass open to a touch of luxury and light sculpture. We liked the look that you light up with a bunch of different sizes and at different rates, depending on the depth of the high ceilings and create installation art.

modern italian globe pendant lighting elegant from penta glo

Suspended in the stairwell, the effect is quite stunning. However Trailer GLO also striking impression when only suspended – some great in the dining room, living room, home office or library and also the design of a table lamp.


Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Modern Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Lighting Ideas – The lighting in the dining room is an important thing that should not be underestimated, nor a complement your home decor. Beautiful bright light and will provide a good atmosphere when we were enjoying the food.

There are some dining room lighting ideas that you can apply for have the best view. And you do not have to pay expensive.

Choose a balanced light, that is not too bright nor too dark, you will be able to either comfort you’re eating or just sitting and talking only.

Elegant Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Fun Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Adjust the size and placement of the light table. In order to evenly lighting and reflections caused shows elegant impression.

Luxurious impression can be obtained by chandeliers, because the light will be more amazing given the layout hung just above the table.

Contemporary Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Lighting Ideas with Chandelier

Chandelier is a part of the dining room lighting ideas that has a lot of lights with pendant in the middle can also be the best choice in illuminating the dining room.

Selecting one of it all would make some difference. Good luck

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Interior Design

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Ideas - Mid century modern interior design home decor style is a fun, one example of this style we often see models of the goods in the old tv soap operas, cartoons or classic.

Era mid century modern interior design usually appear mid century, around 1940 to 1970, although often associated in the 1950s.

In this modern era, home decor combined with mid-century modern style can be created, adjust color and accent right is the most effective way.

Great Mid Century Modern Interior Design

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Kitchen

Recreating the mid century modern interior design style

The open floor plan to be the best interior decoration for this style, with plenty of natural light and wood materials as a complement. A light wooden floors covered with carpet with neutral colors so that the effect of light reflection is lower, and the same models also installed carpet on the walls around the room except the kitchen and bathrooms, type of patterned linoleum floor tiles, made from black and white checkers is the most popular.

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Tips

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Living

And some walls painted pale or use wallpaper, furniture and sleek blond wood, or fiberglass, and also has a chrome surface could be the right background.

Some Inspiring of Unique Small Home Designs

unique small home designs

Some Inspiring of Unique Small Home Designs - Having a Quonset hut built on your property. Use an open floor plan with spacious interiors or add loft. Build a bedroom and bathroom in the attic for the rest of privacy, space and a small living room, dining room and kitchen.

Reuse packaging soldiers. Containers are cheap to buy and can be tiled vertically small space into residential areas are discrete or stacked on top of each layer Live.

unique small home designs plan

unique small home designs idea

Create a unique small home designs for dome. Choose a design or concrete geodesic dome. This home can take advantage of the open space without industrial and warehouse small enough.

Conversion of a cave. Integrating unique features such as cave houses an underground river, stalactites and stalagmites. The apparatus is only limited by the size of the cavity and the high ceilings.

lux unique small home designs

beauty unique small home designs

Unique Small Home Designs with Traditional Exterior

Wait, Traditional exterior, but building a glass atrium that opens in the middle of a green oasis planting trees and flowers instead of benches and tables and installing sliding glass doors from the living room or great unique small home designs.

Home Interior Design Ideas for New House

home interior design ideas

Home Interior Design Ideas for New House - Want to get ideas to make your home become beautiful? Usually busy makes people do not have time to plan for the future later. And most new home owners have always faced the problem of furnishing, There’s some inspiration to get an attractive look and quality.

Home interior design ideas can be starting from books, catalogs and magazines, go to a store books or magazines that provide information about home interior decorating, so you can get easy. Then compare with the other magazines in the shop or supermarket. After finding a suitable grab and buy.

While the book has an advantage than a magazine for more in-depth discussion topic, illustrated magazines are the best choice if you include people who are visual. Getting books more choice and quality is usually what you get from a library near your home.

best home interior design ideas

elegant home interior design ideas

Another Home Interior Design Ideas

Another home interior design ideas that you can get by going to a furniture store or home improvement store featuring examples in the form of real or dummy. This is the best inspiration to me because it is based on real form.

So do not be shy to ask your friends when you come to their house and if necessary seek advice from them.