Hardwood Flooring for a Spacious Feel

Wide Planks give a Beautiful Spacious Feel to Flooring

The call for flooring that gives the look of a larger room is on the rise. Longer and broader planks that give the appearance that designers and customers want seems to have been found in Johnson Flooring.

Johnson Hardwood listened and heeded to the call for longer and wider planks and 7-foot boards are new to their 2013 flooring line. Interior design calls for bold statements without a distracting look, and a continuous hardwood look for wider, more open appearing spaces. Johnson has added a new series called English Pub that contains 7 X 7.5 – feet handcrafted planks, created in the Johnson Hardwood custom. The idea comes from naturally worn, reclaimed wood refinished for contemporary use. The series is presented in an assortment of opulent colors and comes in both hickory and maple.

“We made the decision to provide our dealers and distributors with an engineered flooring product that has the look of a custom floor with the advantage of keeping inventory in-stock to meet current consumer demands,” says Louie Wang, Chief Operations Officer for Johnson Hardwood. “Our success is based on the success of our customers. Keeping that in mind, we try our best to provide our dealers and distributors with on-trend products at price points that makes sense for their business. Being the manufacturer of our products gives us a unique advantage. We are not opposed to private label and proprietary product lines. Our product development team keeps the U.S. regional environmental and interior design aspects in mind when creating new products. What works in the upper east coast may not work in the mid-west, so we make the effort to work with our customers to design product lines that will work for them. English Pub has a distinct look, but with a variety of stains to create a cohesive custom product line if that is what our dealers are looking for.”

English Pub was crafted for the customer that wants the look of salvaged wood from a handsome old building in their homes at a small portion of the price. Everlasting artistry is the purpose and benchmark to creating the English Pub flooring collection.


Johnson Hardwood is not only concentrating on the dated look, but with modern creation and hardwood styles for this season. Their new Pacific Coast Series will present in August. Shades will run the gamut from black to white in maple, birch, and hickory woods. With interior design styles moving towards prominent originality, fans of hardwood flooring will love this new product from Johnson Hardwood. Also, Red Oak has seen limited harvesting in the past few years and with creative thinking and investment in the wood, Johnson Hardwood brought the beautiful color of the Red Oak to flooring and expects a release date of August 2013. As usual, Johnson Hardwood is all about giving their customers what is new.

“Hardwood flooring and working with a natural resource in general is a fascinating way to make product”, says Bill Schollmeyer, CEO of Johnson Hardwood. “There is only so much control that you are allowed when it comes to developing your product. The environment takes care of a lot of your decision making. This challenge allows our product development team to exercise their creativity having to think not only globally, but also in the way of grain structure and natural hues among the different wood species. It’s a great way to bring a flooring product to the market that wasn’t there before, and gives our customers that wild card they need to differentiate themselves amongst their competitors.”


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