Log Cabin Modular Homes in California

log cabin modular homes in california

Log Cabin Modular Homes in California - In California People are often confused with wooden houses to be created, let alone modular wooden house. Modular wooden house in California was built at the factory and then assembled on site homes, manufactured wood foundation and built entirely in the factory on a permanent steel chassis and transported in one piece on the home page. When buying a modular timber house in California, consider these things.

Floor Plans

Modular timber house have different designs and plans available are customizable. Modular cabins manufacturer in California working with design software for log cabin floor plans for each customer. This technology is not produced by the cabin, but customers can add a bathroom, bedroom, closet and storage space, office and media room, or create a specification for a commercial kitchen products.

log cabin modular homes

Building Codes

In California, modular wooden house should follow the exact same code like traditional houses, often built as a stick house building in the construction sector. The code is part of the modular housing manufactured housing Program Department of California. Housing and community-based development environment. Log cabin modular homes typically have 20 to 30 percent of material more than stick-framing houses for a safe activity to the home page of any.

Log Cabin Modular Homes Cost

After the house Ecomodular, 11 wooden modular home construction office in California to save money for home buyers. The process of making out the home page reduces the need for large construction sites. Since the wooden houses are built on the climate-controlled factories, not the weather factor, so that the houses completed more quickly, and reduce labor costs. After Modular Homes Network, overall costs (accommodation) for modular homes ranging from $ 50 to $ 80 per square foot, while stick-built homes on average range from about $ 80 to $ 150 per square foot. For families in California, this could mean savings for the four-room log cabin instead of a three-room log cabin. However, it is important to consider for the market value of the total cost analysis, before deciding on a log cabin modular homes in California, Do your research and compare modular home values ​​in your area, especially with traditional houses, wise in investing there yourself.

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