Modern Italian Globe Pendant Lighting from Penta: GLO

Penta GLO collection is an elegant Italian lighting company, though special collections of pendant light fixtures for your home and sense of elegant style. ThisĀ modern italian globe pendant lighting by Carlo Colombo coated borosilicate glass with a metal ball and suspended by a line, almost anything for a floating effect. Glass is available in clear, or opt for the treatment of gold, silver and colors of glass open to a touch of luxury and light sculpture. We liked the look that you light up with a bunch of different sizes and at different rates, depending on the depth of the high ceilings and create installation art.

modern italian globe pendant lighting elegant from penta glo

Suspended in the stairwell, the effect is quite stunning. However Trailer GLO also striking impression when only suspended – some great in the dining room, living room, home office or library and also the design of a table lamp.


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