Tiny House Design with Feng Shui Style

Tiny House Design with Feng Shui Style

Tiny House Design with Feng Shui StyleTiny House Design with Feng Shui Style: If you have not heard “Tiny Houses” long, you could legitimately assume that it describes a very small house, but there is a movement now to build small houses and people who do not have life. Many just want to live with a tiny house design, too, for reasons of environmental protection and also for spiritual reasons, one of the carbon footprint and live without presenting so much material.

In a web search for small houses, some houses look like little hobbit houses, mini-mansion, barn wood, and almost every architectural style in miniature. Several small houses built on the ground floor, while the other wheel and it seems nothing more than glorified camping.

With the global economic interests, the house seems smaller now, as a solution for those who really can not afford the house following a larger, along with utility bills. The definition of a home is a little loose, because the dimensions are less than 100 meters to more than 800 square meters. Many people will not exceed 800 square feet for a tiny house design so many homes and even some traditional houses of this size. But I think the difference might be, as many people alive.

I said in my feng shui classes, that every man at least 600 square meters of its own merits. I do not have to be taken literally. However, the question often arises as to whether the house is too small or too large for the theory of Yin-Yang. Some criteria for determining whether a good is Feng Shui tiny house design that has to do with the flow of qi. Does the house, big or small, when it is overloaded or too full of furniture, there is no sufficient space for proper flow of Qi (air flow) can. When the house is the energy of the hold space constraints, the health of prisoners would be affected.

I have a clean restroom as can be seen and I have a luxury home that has seen very confusing.

With feng shui theory and applications, trying to balance the size relative to the number of passengers reached, but also rely on this to bring in the living room and even to some extent how much fun they are doing or if you have a pet.

Another dilemma with a small home design is the need to force certain areas to be used for different purposes. Some small house floor plans with bunk bed style small living room or kitchen. If a studio apartment, both the yin and the activities in the same room. This is not the end of the world, but usually we do not want people around in the same room where they sleep on their work.

Tiny House Design for young executive

Tiny House Design with Feng Shui Style advice 

So many people now have a home office, but they are all in 100 square feet in an interesting situation. In Xuan Kong Feng Shui, we interpret the different energy and write a variety of adjustments, it is sometimes how the space is used. It can be a bit difficult because the same room to sleep, food is used for study or business, along with personal relationships.

If an ashram or community residences, I think the media love to the little house in a small house from a small community where homeowners can share some common areas to be. It is also helpful if a small house in a nice big piece of land where one can enjoy the outdoors and not in the end the feeling that they are in a prison cell.

Kartar Diamond has advice on the nature of all sizes since 1992. He is the author of Feng Shui Continuum, the reader how to determine the type of house they live and how best to optimize the energy brought from home or workplace for tiny house design.

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