Tropical Thailand Beach Villa

Tropical Thailand Beach Villa.

Casas del Sol holiday in Thailand, Koh Tao brings a touch of luxury homes progressive design comprehensive adapted by Australian Interior Designer, Christina Saenz de Santamaria. Fresh look at the whole concept of the villa, which has been labeled as ‘Boutique Beach Chic’, which is defined as a tropical luxury with modern influences.

Guests from four of the five villas enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool of their own, part of the protection of the island-style thatched roof, to protect you from the sun during the day, but it allows you to enjoy the evening star.

Some Mediterranean style is reflected in the construction of the house, donated by the owner of the root Spain, looks cool, white walls and a generous use of polished concrete is formed. Modern Finca Ibiza style mixed with a significant impact on the local Thailand, by looking at the furniture in the original timber.

Casas del Sol consists of five individually designed beach villa, in a quiet island, each with two bedrooms and an open living room stays cool in hot climates with high ceilings, large windows and large doors.

The layout remains a mix of indoor and outdoor space, the rest remain filled with soft sofa cushion large, private terrace overlooking brings you closer to the ocean.

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Tropical Thailand Beach Villa Floating-staircase-modern-study

Tropical Thailand Beach Villa contemporary-black-white-decor-scheme

Tropical Thailand Beach Villa contemporary-bed-base-white-red-bedroom

Tropical Thailand Beach Villa Concrete-vanity-unit-Mediterranean-style-bathroom

Tropical Thailand Beach Villa Concrete-kitchen-island-countertops

Tropical Thailand Beach Villa Concrete-kitchen-island-countertops Concrete-floor-stone-furniture-gray-living-room

Tropical Thailand Beach Villa Concrete-kitchen-island-countertops Concrete-floor-stone-furniture-gray-living-room Black-white-rustic-dining-room

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